The Laboratory

10,000 randomly generated Franks, hanging around the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS.



There are over 100 traits which will ensure that each Frank is unique and unlike any other. Keep an eye out for SUPER RARE Franks that will shock you!


Future Utility

If you possess a CryptoFrank, you'll be a part of our community which will give you the opportunity for future airdrops, whitelists, and amazing giveaways!



What are Crypto Franks?

They are 10,000 randomly generated NFTs with varying rarities that allow you access to a community of other like minded mad scientists.

How do I buy one?

If you're new to NFTs, the first thing you need to do is download MetaMask or a similar ethereum wallet, that will act as your interface to the Ethereum Network. Make sure to buy some ETH to have ready in your MetaMask Wallet on mint day.

When is the mint date?

Our presale for all of those who have been whitelisted in our Discord community is on November 5th at 11am EST. Our public sale is November 19th, at 11AM EST.

Is there any future utility to owning a CryptoFrank?

Of course! We have tons of ideas on how to build CryptoFranks into a fun and thriving community for all of our mad scientists. Holding a CryptoFrank will give you access to exclusive mints for future projects in the CryptoFrank metaverse. After all, every Frank needs a bride...



10% Minted

CryptoFranks NFT dropped to three lucky mad scientists.

25% Minted

5 additional CryptoFranks will be dropped to some lucky scientists!

50% Minted

$10,000 will be donated to the Central Florida Hope Center. This organization exists to help everyday people find accessible solutions to the problems of homelessness, unemployment, food insecurity, mental health issues and so much more. Check out what the Central Florida Hope Center is doing by clicking here

75% Minted

CryptoFranks merch store and giveaway!

100% Minted

This will activate phase 2. All holders will be eligible for future airdrops. Also 20% of all mint profits will go back into a community wallet for community driven charitable initiatives, community giveaways, future floor sweeps, and profit sharing. As we grow together, so will our community vision. Make sure to join our Discord community to get more info!


One lucky CryptoFranks holder will win a CryptoFranks wrapped hearse. If that's too creepy, you can take home the equivalent in ETH. ($20,000 USD)

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Meet Our Team

The Mad Scientists



Founder and Artistic Director
'The Mad Scientist'


Von Geekenstein

Community Director
'Leader of the Angry Pitchfork Mob'


The Monster

Marketing Director
'Hunchbacked Laboratory Assistant'